2nd place at IROS2018

2nd place at IROS2018 “Humanoid Application Challenge” in Madrid,Spain with 1 point difference from 1st place. The preparation for the competition was happening during the last 6 months. We implemented a lot of new cutting-edge technology including Augmented Reality Framework, UDP Communication between two robots and laptop. Multiple magic tricks involving human-computer interaction were performed, AR effects as well as autonomous performance. I would like to thank you Louis O’Connor for working on this project with me and fully dedicated to it the weekends and free time. Also,thank you to our supervisors Kyle Morris and Meng-Cheng Lau PhD and professor John Anderson. As well as our sponsors JCA Electronics, ECE and Computer Science department for making this trip possible. And lastly big thank you to Seed Robotics for providing hand gripper as our 2nd place prize.