3d Map + Hololens

One of the interesting applications for Augmented Reality experience is an ability to interact with 3dMap like in Sci-Fi movies.


It turns out that we are not that far as we think from implementing it. But at the time when I was looking for the solution there’s nothing like this existed.

All solutions which seemed to offer the integration of maps forĀ  Unity were either expensive Asset or simply didn’t work.

Likely I found very powerful open source Mapbox API. But even then it turned out that the existing repositories are deprecated due to the updates in Unity.

Thankfully forĀ BergWerkGIS we were able to fix the repository and here’s working branch:

git clone –branch hololens-fixes –single-branch –depth 1 git@github.com:mapbox/mapbox-unity-sdk.git hololens-fixes

Here’s test run of what you can generate with Mapbox API



There are still limitations, the hand gestures are not easily applicable to the map. Since it generates in the runtime. The work around is simply changing camera views and you will get different view perspectives.

The goal of this short Blog Post is to highlight that it’s possible to make and view 3dMaps in AR world