Augmented Reality Use for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Exciting to Announce that you can download our capstone project on Google Play. Created with Tamkin Rahman Peter Buhler Sam Marriott. Google Play Link: is an augmented reality application intended to assist a user with repair and maintenance of an ATV. Users can view diagnostic information for an ATV in augmented reality, or in a tabular view. Users can also go through two tutorials (offline) in augmented reality, guiding them through regular maintenance tasks for an ATV.The use of augmented reality in this product allows the user to take control of the camera, viewing diagnostics and tutorials from any angle, at their own.Background:This application is the product of the final capstone project for the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba, sponsored by JCA Electronics. It has been published to the play store to make the application easily available to others for demonstration purposes.#augmentedreality #ARTutorials #GoogleARCore #UniversityOfManitoba #Capstone2019

Posted by Vlad Samonin on Sunday, April 21, 2019

Created with Tamkin Rahman Peter Buhler Samuel Marriott.

Google Play Link

Reinforcement Learning in the AR environment

To make the best of PPO reinforcement training topic of gaming chosen. The theme: “Pacman vs AngryBirds”.

Please download pdf with more details Vlad Samonin_AI_Project_v6.

AR version of the LG Silicon Valey Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles

Augmented Reality Version of the LG Silicon Valey Open Source repository.

(LG Silicon Valley Lab has developed a Unity-based multi-robot simulator for autonomous vehicle developers.)

Augmented Reality Business Card

A New way of showing Ubisoft’s Business Cards. Tools used: Vuforia API and a bit of magic.

Simple AR demo using Vuforia API

This Demo demonstrates image recognition, real time tracking. Recorded from the phone. Therese no video editing applied.