University Projects

HackMaster (Open Source Project)

HackMaster is a turn based 2-player card game in which you play cards which expend resources. In return the cards can be used for either upgrading, defending, or attacking. The cards cost resources, and resources are incremented by resource rate each time it’s the players turn (every second time).

The main code of the project is currently split between five packages: Application, Business, Objects, Persistence, and Presentation. These packages are in the directory hackmaster/app/src/main/java/hackmaster.

The android game was developed for Software Engineering project at University Of Manitoba. Consisting of 5 students inclunding myself, we were inspired by the idea of computer science card game, so we decided to create our own. The goal of the project was not only to create interactive, challenging game, but also to have our program througly tested by Unit, Integration and Acceptance tests.

We ended up creating custom graphics, AI, 2 player option and of course cool programming music.

By the way there’s more than 26 Unique Playing Cards.

The game is made in Android Studio. Recently we made the repository public.